Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nutrients for the Super Human

Most of us are familiar with the term “Superfood.” What is not clear, however, it what makes these foods so beneficial to us. What separates a Superfood from their mild-mannered counterparts? The key difference relates to total nutrition. In addition to supplying the daily vitamins and nutrients that the body needs, Superfoods go above and beyond the call of duty. These types of foods will do everything from increase metabolism to assist in the detoxification processes of the body.

Superfoods that have the highest profiles include members from all of the necessary food groups. In the arena of vegetables and greens, we have kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. The Superfoods that are the highest in proteins include specific nuts and seeds. Lentils, peanuts, and varieties of berries are just a few members of this large group of Superfoods. It has long been traditional wisdom that, within the world of berries, blueberries provide miraculous health benefits. Dark chocolate is perhaps the sweetest of the Superfoods that should be included in one's diet. This fact is among the most delightful of modern nutrition. Meats also have contenders that rank high among the Superfoods. Salmon and other fatty fish are renown for the omega vitamins and healthy oils which they provide.

Including all of these ingredients into a daily diet has proven to assist in the body's natural ability to burn fat and increase the efficiency of digestion. Studies have also shown clear increases in immunization and the body's natural defense systems. Quicker recovery from injury and illnesses are also common among people who include Superfoods into their diet. Longevity is perhaps the most attractive benefits of this kind of nutrition. People that live well beyond their one hundredth birthday commonly report including these types of foods into their regular diet.

However, many of us do not have the time to prepare foods like these on a regular basis. Most of us live life on the go 24 hours a day. Fast-paced lifestyles make it challenging to get the kind of nutrition that we all know we need. Thankfully, vitamins and dietary supplements are taking the key ingredients from these Superfoods and putting them into a form that can be taken on the move. In the form of health drinks and vitamins, super food powders and products such as Delicious Greens 8000 are making a healthy lifestyle affordable and practical. Drinks such as these use only organic greens as ingredients, and they incorporate additional fruits for flavoring that are rich in antioxidants. Mixed with natural herbs and spices, being healthy has rarely been so flavorful.

Increased levels of ionic trace minerals and flax lignans are just two of the critical ingredients that put products such as Delicious Greens 8000 above the rest of the health-drink market. The drink comes in many flavors, including chocolate and berry, all of which are flavored naturally. Each bottle contains 20 servings the fruits and vegetables that the body needs each day. Superfoods provide the perfect pick-up that your body needs. Rather than consuming 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day to maintain energy levels, make the switch to natural energy. Boosting the way that your body is functioning provides natural clarity of the mind and increases the energy reserve of the body. There is no easier way to quickly start yourself on the track to healthy, vibrant living.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Green Food Supplements: Your Body’s Best Friend

How do you feel about vegetables and fruits? In today’s world many people feel like they don’t have time to incorporate this crucial food group into their diet. When people are often so short on time and the fastest food often seems like the best option it’s inevitable that dietary trends can take a turn for the worse. Meals are usually fit into tightly cramped schedules with a substantial inclination towards ready to eat snacks and fast foods.

While meats and breads are easy to include into most diets, vegetables are usually missing despite being the richest source of fiber, minerals and essential vitamins. Poor dietary habits that lack a sufficient amount of greens, in both adults and children can cause quite a number of health problems, especially over an extended period of time. Below are a list of symptoms that indicate a shortage of greens in your diet. If you’re experiencing any of these, you should consider the lack of greens in your diet as a possible cause.

Signs You Need More Greens

  • Fatigue, Weakness, Inability to Concentrate? You might have anemia. Characterized by a deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and iron, Anemia causes the red blood cells drop to dangerously low levels resulting in a constant physical and mental exhaustion and can also be marked by easy bruising.
  • Sick all the time? Not having enough greens often leaves the immune system ill equipped to sustain its recuperation phase and as a result not eating enough greens can contribute directly to more frequent bouts of infections, colds, coughs and more.
  • Can’t Seem to Lose Weight or Experiencing Rapid Weight Gain? Green vegetables are well known for helping speed up the body’s metabolism and aid digestion. An imbalance can cause individuals to be more susceptible to weight gain.

    Bathroom Issues? Green vegetable are one of the best sources of fiber and not consuming the daily recommended amount can result in digestive disorders such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).

  • Cavities, Bad Breath & Brittle Teeth? The high calcium content in greens improves dental health and prevents gum disease, helping you save up on your dental bills and maintain your sparkling smile.

The vital role that green vegetables play in the apt functioning of a healthy body is undeniable. Commonly most people avoid greens due to taste or oftentimes it can be difficult to find adequate time to prepare and consume the large portions necessary for a healthy diet. A daily greens supplement can solve both of these problems by providing a tasty and easily prepared solution for your daily serving of green vegetables.

Vegetable and fruit supplements provide a range of serving amounts that can be perfect for one person or an entire family. The single serving packets in particular are great to have around the house or travel with due to their compact size and pre-measured daily serving amounts. Not to mention the wide variety of flavors now available for greens supplements like chocolate or mocha café which make it easy to convince even teens and kids to take them as well.

One of the biggest benefits a daily green supplement can offer a person with a fast paced lifestyle are the pre-measured amounts. This literally takes the thought out of incorporating this vitally important food group into your diet. The packages already have the exact quantity you need for maximum nutrition, eliminating the need to buy the produce, measure out the right amounts and prepare it yourself. If you’re still unconvinced, the benefits you can experience with just one green shake every morning might make you change your mind.

What to Expect When Taking a Daily Greens Supplement

  • Cancer Prevention – research shows many of the nutrients and minerals green supplements provide can help prevent cancer.
  • Diabetes Prevention – Type 2 diabetes may also be prevented by incorporating the appropriate amount of daily greens into your diet.
  • Improved Nutrition – Green foods are rich in a number of necessary vitamins and minerals like Iron, Calcium, Proteins, Dietary Fiber and Phytochemicals such as Carotenoids, Folate, Lutein and vitamins C and K.
  • Healthy Pregnancy – Greens can be vital for mothers during pregnancy. You unborn baby needs the crucial vitamins and minerals provided by greens and a deficiency of fruit and vegetables in a pregnant woman’s diet can put the unborn baby at serious risk. A few consequences your child might endure are:
    • An underdeveloped brain or spinal cord
    • Premature birth
    • Weak skull development
    • Anemia
    • Greater risk of osteoporosis in later life
  • Weight Loss – Greens can help increase metabolism and improve digestion for improved weight loss.
  • Improved Blood Pressure – Greens help relieve hypertension and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Improved Heart Health – The rich Phytochemical content of greens strengthens the blood vessels and the human heart and shields them from diseases. Thus consuming greens improves cardiovascular health.

As you can see, the facts speak for themselves. Green vegetables are an extremely essential part of a healthy diet and shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want healthy children, a disease free life, high energy levels, improved emotional and physical health as well as appearance and can’t find time to squeeze green foods into you and your family’s diet; we highly recommend investing in a daily green food supplement.